The first step of any project is to discover, define and clarify the goals and priorities. During this phase of our process you tell us important initial information. There are many factors and elements to consider, which includes:

  • What kind of site you want
  • How many pages
  • Do you have a domain name
  • Do you have a web host
  • Budget
  • Deadlines
  • Photos, graphics, images, text
  • Who your target audience is
  • What results you expect from your site

After all of your goals have been articulated, we will develop a plan for the site, detailed information on what pages will be created. which will include the organization of information and functionality. You will tell Acklie Web Designs which parts of our concepts you like and don't like. At the end of this phase we will have a blueprint for the entire site.

Upon your agreement to all terms up front, I will have you sign a Letter of Agreement. I will then provide for you a contract for the construction of your site. You will know what it will cost, when the pages and site will be ready. Any additional work added will be agreed upon before work is done.

Creating site includes: Develop, design & creating pages, creating and implementing graphics, html work, text & graphics layout, navigation & linking, scanning photos, optimizing for web, uploading files to server, adding & implementing elements as previously agreed to in Phase 1 including graphics and adding photos. META tags (for search engines), submit site to top search engines. Cost for Phase 2 is determined by facts compiled in Phase I. Since each and every site is different, unique and custom developed and designed, your site cost will represent what needs to be done, how much work involved and what time frame is involved. Phase 3 is the ongoing site maintennance and enhancement.

Ready to get started? Contact me at and receive a guaranteed price quote.


Now comes the fun part. The production & implementation phase of the project is when Acklie Web Designs actually builds, and develops your website based on information & materials you provided during Phase 1. With our blueprint in hand, we coordinate all of the elements you have provided needed to realize your site and bring it to life.

Once you are satisfied with how your site looks, we will put it online. Depending on your marketing strategy and our customized agreement with you for your site, we will simultaneously begin various promotional efforts (i.e., search engine registration and on-line marketing)


Once your site is up & running, Acklie Web Designs offers monthly, weekly or daily web site maintenance including updated pages, new content, or special web offers, updating or adding special events, employment opportunities, promotions, special orders. We also suggest regular traffic analysis & verifying external links. We will also help you analyze your web stats so that you can fine tune your website to meet your initial goals, check to see status of site with search engines, handle email webmaster inquiries.

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