The World Wide Web has gone from an office frill to an interactive marketplace.

A nice looking, easy to use Web site within budget is no longer enough. Web sites that sell, promote, inform, educate, or entertain need to be highly functional, skillfully designed, a pleasure to navigate, and very useful to its users. Competition is fierce: only the highest quality sites will pervade.

Joe M. Weller, chief executive of Nestle USA, said that "the Internet is about possibility, not technology," and argued that "if e-business is going to work, it cannot be an add-on or an afterthought. It has to become part of every function."

Acklie Web Designs specializes in the pre-design strategic planning, hosting, design, architecture, implementation, promotion, site enhancement, maintenance and support of your web site. Our professional team is well versed in full motion technologies and will spend the time to explain, advise, and educate you at every step so that your site comes out exactly the way you want it.

We will work with you to develop a strategic Internet plan that will create a site brand new or from an exisiting "passive" presence to an active ~ and dynamic ~ marketing tool that stands out in peoples' minds long after the browsing session is over.

Marketing the Website

It isn't enough to build a fantastic website and upload it onto the internet. If you build it, they won't just come. Your website needs to be marketed.

At Acklie Web Designs we offer the following website marketing services to assist in bringing visitors to your website:

Monitoring of search engine placement and optimization of your site for search engine rankings.

Search engines are the major method that people will use to find your website. All of the top search engines and directories have different criteria for rating websites as to their relevancy to a search term.

We use your key search term to evaluate your position on the top search engines. We then make changes to your website that can increase the potential of a better ranking for your website. The ranking of your website is then monitored on a regular schedule and, if needed, additional changes will be made and the website resubmitted.

Targeted Links

The second most popular method that people will use to find your website is by clicking on a link to your website in another website. In addition, several of the major search engines use link popularity from other websites as part of their criteria for ranking websites.

We will resource links from other similar, but not competing, websites and post them on your website.

Email Newsletter

An email newsletter, if done properly, is the third most effective method you can use to bring traffic to your website. If it is spam, or unsolicited email, it will be trashed before it's read. Opt-in email means that your viewers ask to be put on your email list. Opt-in email gives the vistor to your website an opportunity to sign up for a newsletter which can alert them to special sales, new products or services, events, or any other such items. This newsletter will give them a reason to visit your website again.

We can set up a email list for your website that sends the email address and name to Acklie Web Design as well as to your email address. Then, using information you supply us with regarding your newsy items, we create the newsletter and send it out to all members of your email list. The newsletter will contain links to the appropriate area of your website so all the recipient has to do is to click on the link and they will instantly be taken to your website.

Contact Acklie Web Designs for website marketing services that will put your website on the road to success.

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