Following are some benefits of using the Internet to increase sales and cut costs. There is much more to the Internet than the basic information we're providing here, these are simply a few ideas to get you thinking. No doubt you will think of more ways your business can use the Internet to gain an edge on your competition as you explore and discover new Web sites; and Acklie Web Design can surely find some additional benefits by getting to know your business.

1. COMPETTIVE EDGE MARKETING: Having your own site on the Web creates and sustains the perception of your company as an industry leader.

2. INCREASE YOUR SALES: The Web is truly a global marketing opportunity. Improve the quality and quantity of customer contacts for a tiny fraction of the cost of television, radio, or print media advertising. How much would you have to spend on media advertising (TV, radio, newspapers, etc.) to make your company known to customers even statewide, much less nationally or internationally?

3. IMMEDIATE CUSTOMER RESPONSE: Business takes place 24 hours a day on the net; online inquiry and order forms let you close the sale now.

Utilize e-mail to create efficient communication between home office and field sales force, or your client base. Save time and money on every phone call that is replaced with e-mail. Think of your valuable phone time that could be saved if clients had direct access to your information without having to call.

5. UPDATE INFORMATION NOW: Unlike traditional printing services, changes to information, specs, and prices can be made available to your clients and sales force in a few minutes, instead of days or weeks. Post product reviews, tests, and independent magazine reports - linked to each product. Web sites can be updated weekly, daily, or even hourly-- whatever suits your needs. Information can be updated as fast as it becomes available.

6. CUT PRINTING AND POSTAGE COSTS: Using a Web site for client and field agent access saves you money. End costly reprinting whenever a document is updated. Disseminate newsletters, annual reports, and client information at a much more attractive rate in an electronic mode using e-mail.

7. STREAMLINE ORDER PROCESSING: Utilize e-mail, the Web, and FTP to transfer new documents and the latest data to field sales agents via downloads. Accept and process orders faster from your sales force via uploads to your server.

Many have found that having a web site allows them to:

  • Tap into growing markets
  • Target specific audiences
  • Provide information quickly
  • Update information within seconds
  • Reduce overall advertising costs
Consider these Internet advantages:
  • Flexibility and easy of use
  • Accessibility is 24 hours a day
  • Content can be changed in seconds
  • You can expand internationally

The potential for Internet use is only just begun. Currently, approximately 58% of businesses have a Web site and families have found the Internet as a very useful way to stay in touch with friends and family worldwide.

The potential opportunity for marketing and reaching audiences in an economical, fast, and flexible way is here, and it is the Internet.

More than 1.5 Billion people worldwide have direct access to the Internet. Over half of these users are from North America.

The Internet offers many practical benefits to your business. If you would like to explore your Internet options further, please e-mail me at:

The Web is changing the way we work, learn, and play. Everyday, more people are using it to enhance their lives in many ways. Because of the many vital services that it provides, the Web is quickly becoming an essential tool for businesses of every size and scope. It can help you increase efficiency, lower costs, and gain a competitive advantage.

Many companies now have product information, catalogs, newsletters, event schedules, fundraising information, customer service, tech help, and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) online. Can your business benefit from taking polls or surveys? Would you like feedback from customers about a new product idea before sinking money into it? Do you want a reality check on your organization's image? Having a business Web site allows you to do all these things economically.

Acklie Web Design provides a full array of cost-effective, high-quality Web services. In addition to our stellar web site design services, Acklie Web Design also offers site redesigns to give existing sites aesthetic as well as technological facelifts, site enhancement and site maintenance services to make your web presence hassle free. We specialize in Internet and Web systems that are customized to meet our clients' image and objectives. Acklie Web Design is committed to making your company's Internet initiative successful.

Hiring someone to create your new Web site is like everything else in life ... you get what you pay for.

There are a thousand little tricks that professional Web designers rely on, such as META tags, image ALT attributes, pre-loading images, Javascript, image compression, and proven navigation structures. We check our layouts on many different platforms and browsers. We take the time to hold our clients' hands, and deliver professional quality, attractive, successful Web sites.

To further discuss our pricing, or to receive an estimate for a pending web site, please e-mail me at:

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