Acklie Web Designs is owned and operated by Jeffrey Acklie.

Career & travel background: I have had many assorted jobs over the years, most have been in customer service and the insurance industry.

Internet & computer background: My computer interest emerged around 1986 when I encountered my first Mac! I have been connected to the internet since1995 and designed my first web site in early 1998. What began as a one page web site has emerged into a several hundred page site today!

I spend alot of my free time learning everything about web design possible, and continue challenging myself. I have taught myself everything from web colors, fonts, browser compatibility issues, navigation, style, site promotion, troublehooting, site enhancement and web design in general. I started building commercial websites in late 1999. I constantly continue to educate myself by improving my web design skills and keeping current on the latest technology and software.

Acklie Web Designs

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